Slow and steady wins the race


What’s the first thing you want after a 9 hour flight? If you said “a shower” or “a meal that doesn’t come in a foiled box”, then you would be right and that’s exactly what we didn’t get. We showered for the first time after 3 days of landing and ate our first meal in the car park of a camp site – super romantic right? Oh yeah!


It didn’t take us long to realise that when you want to drive a vintage car you need to consider she might need some serious TLC. Throughout the breakdowns and dodgy handyman ‘fixer upers’ by our timbuktu car rental company, we had a seriously wicked time driving from Vancouver to Banff and back!


It’s true what they say ” you can laugh about it later” despite being toed off the motorway, camping in a car park and breaking down in supermarket alleyway, it’s nice to know we can laugh…..kinda! 😉

Version 2

Federico & Michelle

“A Nomadic Couple”



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