Wine o’clock in Kelowna

The Okanagan Valley is world famous, boasting over 200 wineries in the most stunning locations. With over 90% of the the state’s wine produced here, it’s no wonder tourists and locals flock here all year round. For us it was a totally fluke, we had no idea we were heading to such a foodie heaven. To be honest we were just looking forward to the 26 degree temperatures after freezing our butts off in Whistler.

On arrival we discovered Kelowna, this lakeside gem, is actually the heart and soul of the wine region, with over 30 wineries varying from family run businesses to internationally recognised establishments.


On our road trip we only had one full day to spend in Kelowna, so we wanted to make the most of it and sample a mixture of wineries. During the day we managed to visit three and thought they were all lovely. Dressed in flip flops (thongs to our Aussie friends) and our best (least crinkled) clothes we headed to Quail’s Gate . This winery has serious wow factor, with a view over the lake from the tasting room, a delicious restaurant and the opportunity to walk through the vineyards.

Version 2

We had some sick reds and were temped to buy them all but resisted. The sommelier was super chatty and nice and said “why not give the restaurant a try”. Maybe it was Federico’s sexy Italian accent or just luck, but we were able to nab the last reservation for dinner that night. Food was totally worth it – Oysters, bubbles, yummy wine, duck and salmon was a complete treat compared to our regular campsite cooked lentil soup.

Before coming back for dinner we were able to visit The View and Summer Hill.  Both much smaller but equally cool. The sommelier at The View was incredibility knowledgeable and a total wine lover.  We got along like a house on fire. We took home a bottle of  PINOTAGE RESERVE VINTAGE 2014 which was delicious.

Version 2

Next we headed to Summer Hill, an organic winery where we had some yummy tasters, soup and a cheese board on the terrance overlooking the vineyards and lake. This kooky place has an interest way to store their wine. We won’t ruin the surprise, but we thought it was super cool.

Version 2

We would have loved to visit more, but we felt we nailed it and needed to head off!

Version 2

Federico & Michelle

“A Nomadic Couple”


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