The Rockies – Top 3 Lakes

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Like most travellers heading to Canada we had been inspired by incredible photos of ice blue lakes hidden in-between stunnign green mountains. Spending a few days in Yoho National Park exploring this pristine landscape was by far one of our highlights! The whole experience definitely didn’t disappoint, we were stoked!

Version 2

With so many lakes to choose from, it was no wonder we were struggling to work out which ones to see. We only had 3 days, but to see everything we think you must need at least a week or more.

We headed to Emerald Lake and was in awe with how stunning it looked. From the moment we arrived we felt like we were in the post cards. Be sure to get there early, we found that by lunch this tiny site can be over run with coaches and endless tourists.

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TIP: If you want to try your hand at canoeing (which we super recommend) then be sure to do it here. Over at nearby Lake Louise it’s almost double the price. Also an hour is plenty of time; save your money for a hot chocolate, as its nippy up here!


Although very clichet, we headed to Lake Louise. It’s stunning but in our opinion the big hotel at the end kind of ruins the whole ambience. While here try one of the many hikes. We opted for the hike to Mirror Lake, on account of bear slighting on the other trails. After a massive 2 hour walk up we arrived to what was……a pond……thats right, a bloody pond. This tiny lakes had been affected by drought, but not to worry 20 mins further up the path, we found this stunning cafe right next to another lake. Here you can refuel and take in the view.

Version 2

Version 2

While making our way around Yoho National Park we honestly loved just driving around the winding roads. The mountains are just stunning. We stayed at Kicking Horse Campground in Yoho National Park  which is a great central location with camp fires, beautiful sites in-between trees and a river. Only downside is you can slightly hear the highway from some sites.

Version 2

Other Lakes which we didn’t have the chance to visit but sound super cool are: O’Hara Lake (which you need to reserve a permit) and Moraine Lake (which we popped by briefly).

Federico & Michelle

“A Nomadic Couple” 


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